Selecting an online based DAW

Little is talked about music production, yet the music is one of the most consumed product in the world. For the consumers, it is all about who has the best vocals, which song is catchy, and which one is danceable to showcase their moves whenever a chance presents itself. However, to the music producer, getting the right music production environment is crucial to attracting more musicians and making hits after hit.

The plight of music productionmusic production

For a music producer, getting the right Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW is crucial. Currently, as we speak, a good DAW requires a capable computer to run, limiting the producers to expensive laptops or computers, and making it hard to for newcomers to get started. However, some developers realized the limitations that such technology offered, and they came up with an alternative, the online based DAW. Now every person with a device that has a web browser can produce high-quality audio without having to rely on an expensive computer. The question now remains, how to select a suitable DAW. Below are some tips.

How to select an online based DAW

Plugin support

If you have done any form of music production, then you fully understand the importance of a DAW when it comes to supporting plugins. Through plugins, producers can import new sounds, emulate instruments and come up with synthetic tunes that are unique and make music sound good. Therefore, when selecting that online platform, it is better to go with the one that supports plugins.


A great person once said we should never re-invent the wheel, and a good online based DAW should allow you to be creative and never have to re-invent the wheel. For instance, it is standard that percussion, kicks, and snares will be used when composing a song, and when narrowed down to a particular genre, these combinations become limited to a certain style. A good DAW should have a vast library of these loops to help you save time and be productive at the same time.


Unfortunately, to avail such sPriceervices, companies can only offer limited tools for free, and in most cases, the users have to pay a monthly fee to get the full access. As a music composer or producer, you have to make sure that the DAW that you select is affordable and will not cost you a lot. There are several of them, so choose wisely, and use quality as the main comparison factor.