OIC-CERT Governance
The OIC-CERT is expected to maintain a flat administrative activities consisting of the following core components:

1. General Meeting (GM)
2. Steering Committee (SC)
3. Chair
4. Secretariat

The General Meeting (GM)
  • A General Meeting (GM) will be convened and attended by at least a minimum quorum of all representatives of the OIC-CERT Full and General Members.
  • During the GM, overall policies of OIC-CERT will be defined, election of Steering Committee members, and acceptance/ approval of reports from the Steering Committee including any other related policy issues will be addressed.
  • The GM will be held once in two years.
  • GM quorum will consider valid if at least half of OIC-CERT Full Members are present.
  • In the event of deadlock between Full members on any issue, the General members will cast votes on that issue so as to resolve such dead lock.

The Steering Committee (SC)
  • A maximum of 7 representatives elected by OIC-CERT Full Members during the General Meeting.
  • Appointed for a term of 2 years and responsible for the orientation and management of OIC-CERT
  • The Steering Committee will meet regularly, usually via a teleconference, and will meet in person at least once per year or more often as required.
  • An initial list of activities is included in this document. Other working areas will be identified by the SC once elected.
  • SC meetings will only take place if 5/7 of the SC members are present at the meeting.

The Chair
  • The chair is a representative from the SC elected by majority of votes of the Steering Committee members at the Steering Committee meeting.
  • The chair will be appointed for a term of 2 years.
  • He will be responsible for coordination of the Steering Committee.
  • A representative cannot serve as Chair for more then 2 consecutive terms.

The Secretariat
  • Responsible for providing:

    • A primary and general contact point for the OIC-CERT.
    • Coordinate the activities of the OIC-CERT.
    • Maintain the OIC-CERT records and Membership information.
    • Provide general guidance for prospective members and other interested parties.
    • Serve as an administrative point for OIC-CERT.
    • Maintain the OIC-CERT web site, e-mail lists and related resources.
    • The Secretariat tasks will be approved by the Steering Committee.

  • The Secretariat has no power to make policy and strategic decisions, enter into strategic relationships or otherwise make major investment decisions on behalf of OIC-CERT.

  • The OIC-CERT Secretariat will limit itself to enacting administrative and related decisions to facilitate normal day-to-day activities and/ or initiatives, programs or projects approved by the SC.
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